Movement Therapist, MFC, CAFS, PT

Greetings! I'm Steve Mills, a seasoned Movement Therapist with a journey spanning over 27 years in the realms of Physical Therapy, Personal Training, and Movement Therapy. My mission has been to empower individuals to rediscover their optimal physical potential and lead healthier lives. With a background deeply rooted in both military discipline and holistic well-being, my transformative path has paved the way for the innovative Matrix Movement Therapy approach that I proudly spearhead today.

My journey began as a dedicated U.S. Marine, where I spent four impactful years on active duty. A significant portion of my service was dedicated to guiding and mentoring out-of-conditioned Marines as the remedial strength and endurance instructor. This experience not only honed my leadership skills but also ignited my passion for helping others achieve their best physical selves.

Following my military service and receiving my degree I delved into the world of outpatient Physical Therapy, gaining invaluable insights into the intricate mechanics of the human body. Armed with this knowledge, I took a bold step forward by establishing and operating multiple Personal Training studios across Wisconsin and Illinois. Guided by the belief that every individual's journey is unique.

In 2012, I embarked on a new chapter by founding StretchXperience, LLC. Over the course of 13 years, my team and I developed equipment used in the manual stretching process which I hold the patents. We have also gathered data, honed our methodologies, and gained deeper insights into the profound connection between movement, therapy, mental discipline, and general wellness. This dynamic journey culminated in the birth of an innovative concept: Matrix Movement Therapy, LLC.

This revolutionary approach is a culmination of years of experience, blending the wisdom of traditional practices with cutting-edge insights from scientific research. By recognizing that each individual's journey is a unique matrix of experiences, physical conditions, and aspirations, Matrix Movement Therapy transcends the boundaries of conventional therapy to unlock unprecedented levels of mobility, vitality, and resilience.

Join me as we redefine the world of human movement!