Active Stretching

Active stretching is a dynamic and engaging technique that empowers you to take an active role in improving your flexibility and muscular strength. Unlike passive stretching, active stretching involves using your own muscles to move through a full range of motion, promoting both flexibility and strength simultaneously.

By actively participating in the stretching process, you develop a deeper connection with your body and gain a better understanding of your individual capabilities. As you gradually increase the intensity and complexity of the stretches, you challenge your muscles to adapt and grow stronger over time.

What to expect

During active stretching segments, our skilled practitioners will provide guidance and support as you actively engage your muscles to perform a series of dynamic movements and stretches. This approach allows for a more comprehensive workout, targeting specific muscle groups and promoting overall muscular balance and coordination.


Understanding the benefits

Active stretching not only enhances flexibility but also plays a vital role in improving muscular strength. As you engage your muscles throughout the stretching movements, you create resistance and tension, which stimulates muscle fibers and promotes strength development. This dual focus on mobility and strength ensures a well-rounded approach to optimizing your physical performance.

Incorporating active stretching into your routine can have numerous benefits. It can improve your overall flexibility, allowing for a greater range of motion in your joints. This can enhance your athletic performance, improve your posture, and decrease the risk of injuries related to tight muscles. Additionally, the strengthening component of active stretching helps to build functional strength, leading to better muscular endurance and stability.

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Our practitioners are trained to guide you through each active stretching exercise, ensuring proper form and technique.

At Matrix Movement Therapy, we will design a customized program that addresses your specific needs and goals, taking into consideration any existing limitations or conditions. Tap the button below to contact us and schedule a consultation today!